The Revenue Commissioner’s Office is CLOSED to the public due to the (Covid-19) public health emergency. We will remain CLOSED to the public until further notice.

Citizens of Mobile County:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and growing public health concerns, the Mobile County Revenue Commission is taking the precautionary measure of temporarily closing all of our offices. The safety of our taxpayers and employees is our primary concern and therefore we are CLOSED to the public until further notice. We will continue to review this action as new information becomes available and will keep you aware of all changes.

During this time, we do not want you to be concerned about any time sensitive requirements from this office. When we reopen for business, all of this will be handled with no additional repercussions to taxpayers. Please note that online transactions will continue to be available. We ask that you use the “contact us” form for any questions, and we commit to a timely response.

We apologize for any inconvenience during this time and thank you for your cooperation and support.


Kim Hastie

Mobile County Revenue Commissioner






Upcoming Holiday Closures


Confederate Memorial Day  – Monday, April 27, 2020



NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS and OCCUPANTS:  In accordance with Alabama Law (Section 40-7-74 and Section (40-2-11), please be advised that a member of the Mobile County Appraisal Staff may visit your property to review or update property information. The purpose of this visit may be in response to one or more of the following: a return was filed, an appeal was filed, recent improvements or additions were made to the property or a general review.

One goal of the Mobile County Revenue Commissioner’s Office is to provide the people of Mobile County with a website that is easy to use. You can search our site for a wealth of information on any property in Mobile County.

Please note that the Commissioner’s Office establishes values and collects property taxes. The Mobile County Revenue Commissioner’s Office should be contacted with tax bill related questions.

Our Mission:

The employees of the Revenue Commissioner’s Office, strive for excellence in service to all citizens.

Guiding Principles

  • We will provide the most effective and user friendly service to the public and the agencies we serve.
  • We strive to strengthen our organization by promoting the professional growth of our staff through job satisfaction and well being.
  • We accept personal accountability for our actions in the collection, assessing, mapping and appraisal of property within Mobile County.
  • We will be leaders in providing the finest products and services by:
    • Implementing proven information technology
    • Rewarding creative thinking
    • Career enhancement
    • Innovation in training and education
    • Flexibility and teamwork
  • Our organization is strengthened by sharing and promoting human values including:
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Courtesy
    • Individuality
    • Cooperation
    • Integrity


  1. Develop a quality product based on adherence to professional standards and the provisions of law pertaining to the department.
  2. Maintain accurate mapping, appraisal and assessing procedures.
  3. Provide timely collection and disbursement of ad valorem taxes on all real and personal property.
  4. Provide training, technology and other resources necessary to enable employees to achieve professional excellence.

Did you Know…

In Alabama, property taxes are a source of stable and dependable funding for a number of public services. In Mobile County, almost 47% of the property taxes collected are for public education. The balance is distributed among agencies that provide public safety, fire protection, public health, the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and other public services dedicated to preserve and improve our county’s infrastructure.

The Revenue Commissioner’s Office is charged with the mapping, appraisal, assessing, and collection of ad valorem taxes in Mobile County. In addition to granting tax exemptions to those who qualify, the Revenue Commissioner disburses collected monies to state and county government agencies who are entitled to a share.

Since 2003, we have accomplished much in our overall plan to provide more convenience in paying and assessing property taxes. Payments may now be made online using this site. You may search for specific tax information, view maps, or obtain and ask for general information concerning property tax in Alabama.

Our main office is located at 3925 Michael Square, Suite G on the corner of Michael Boulevard and Azalea Road. This office is centrally located and offers ample free parking and handicap access. We continue to provide satellite offices in downtown Mobile, Theodore, Eight Mile and Citronelle to aid taxpayers in all of Mobile County.

As your Revenue Commissioner, it is my mission to administer the State Tax Law of Alabama as it relates to property tax in Mobile County and provide effective, friendly, and professional customer service to the public. As part of that service, I hope that you find this website a useful tool.

It is a pleasure to serve you,

Mobile County Revenue Commission